Fabulous Fit Tip #3

Welcome back to Fabulous Fit Tips, dedicated to providing simple but valuable tips to help you become forever fit and flexible. If you haven’t read the previous Fit Tips, you may want to check them out since the tips are listed in consecutive order to help make them easy to follow and commit to.

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Here’s the next tip to help keep you on track and achieve your goals.

Fit Tip #3: Track your progress

Now that you have set clear and specific goals, and have written them down on paper, it’s time to track your progress. Keep a diary, a journal, or other written record of your progress at a glance. Include when you have met your goals for the week as well as when you have fallen short. However, remember to leave out the judgement and the guilt if you haven’t accomplished what your wanted to.

Instead, when you haven’t met your goals (and that will happen more often than you think), it provides you an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate your approach. Identify what is working for you and make appropriate adjustments to your routine.

Remember, we are all works in progress, and the journey to fitness is a continuous process, but it is well worth the time and effort. Wouldn’t you agree?

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