Fabulous Fit Tip #2

Welcome back to Cheryl’s Fabulous Fit Tips! As promised, I am following through with more valuable tips on how to set goals to help you in your journey to being forever fit and flexible. If you haven’t read the previous Fit Tips post, you may want to check it out, or simply review it if you have and just need to refresh your memory. Here’s the next tip to help keep you on track and achieve your goals.

FIT TIP #2: Write your goals down–on paper

Write your goals down, on paper. When you want to accomplish a specific goal, it’s simply an abstract idea floating around in your head with only a slim chance of following through with it. However, when you write it down, the idea has intention, direction, and purpose.

Keep in mind that you need to physically write them down, on paper, using a pen or pencil, rather than on your computer or phone. I know, it seems rather old-fashioned, but here is why it is so important and so effective. The mere act of writing in cursive and putting your goals down on paper helps your brain process the information you are recording while it activates the motor pathways you will use to help you achieve your goals. Also, writing by hand helps your brain (and you), learn better as well as improve you ability to recall it at the same time.

Just think (no pun intended), if you wrote “I will walk for 30 minutes 5 days a week for the next 4 weeks,” your brain is already taking in the information and stimulating the pathways in your brain which will help you follow through with your plan. Pretty cool, huh? Simply by writing your goals down, you are taking those first steps.

So, pick up a pen and paper, and get started. And stay tuned for the next fit tip, which will continue to expand on the previous tips, and do feel free to share it with your friends, or reach out to me if you have questions. I’m always here to help!

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