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Fabulous Fit Tip #2

Welcome back to Cheryl’s Fabulous Fit Tips! As promised, I am following through with more valuable tips on how to set goals to help you in your journey to being forever fit and flexible. If you haven’t read the previous Fit Tips post, you may want to check it out, or simply review it if you have and just need to refresh your memory. Here’s the next tip to help keep you on track and achieve your goals. FIT TIP #2: Write your goals down–on paper Write your goals down, on paper. When you want to accomplish a specific goal, it’s simply an abstract idea floating around in your head with only a slim chance of following through with it. However, when you write it down, the idea has intention, direction, and purpose. Keep in mind that you need to physically write them...

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Episode #42: Vibrant Health and Healing

Dr. Carl Hudson returns to The FemiNinja Project to share more of her personal insights of self-healing, self-discovery, and life-long learning. She explains how traditional Western medicine saved her life, but alternative medical practices gave her quality of life and set her on a path of alternative health, healing, and self-awareness. Discover how changing our mindset and the way we move can actually change the tissues of our bodies and raise our level of physical, mental, and emotional function. Also, that if we don’t put ourselves first, we have nothing to give to the ones we love and care about. Dr. Carly also talks about overcoming obstacles, self-image, belief systems, and the malleability of the human body, as well as how to unleash your inner brilliance. Download this fascinating...

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