Vitality at EVERY Stage of Life

There are many misconceptions regarding getting older, as well as a lot of confusing and misleading information. This includes the belief system that aches and pains, lack of mobility, and various diseases are a part of the “normal” aging process to be both expected and accepted. It’s simply not true.

But, when we hear these messages often enough we believe and adopt them. Because what we believe is what we become, even if it goes against our inherent belief system. However, with the right mindset, it is possible to enjoy vibrant health and vitality at every stage of life. A writer friend of mine often refers to what he calls “life’s most brutal truth–we are what we think about. This is never more true than when we face becoming card carrying members of the older generation.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself. Oh, wait–I just did.

               “Getting older is inevitable–being old is a choice.”

–Cheryl Ilov, Forever Fit and Flexible: Feeling Fabulous at Fifty and Beyond

My own personal experience of recovery from severe chronic pain syndromes, as well as my professional journey to becoming a physical therapist, led me to discover a path to reclaim my health and fitness.

This process included a slow, meticulous and systematic method of self-observation, self-awareness, and movement exploration. I also stopped listening to the naysayers and began listening to myself instead. The results were short of miraculous.

During my 20 years in my private physical therapy practice, I have shared my unique techniques and philosophy with hundreds of clients to help them recover from pain, reclaim their health, and discover their own path to health and vitality.

I have now shared these same methods with thousands of readers in my award-winning book, Forever Fit and Flexible: Feeling Fabulous at Fifty and Beyond, as well as with the many audiences that have attended my speaking engagements. I would love to share them with you!

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