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Simple Fit Tips for Youthful Vitality

As an expert in the field of health and fitness with a focus on fitness over fifty, I am often asked if it really is possible to have vibrant energy, health, and vitality over fifty. The answer is a resounding “yes!” And the inevitable follow up question is “how?” Well, I do have an awful lot to say about that, especially since I wrote an entire book on the subject, which happened to win two awards and became an Amazon #1Best Seller, but I digress. However, we all have busy lives, and in the interest of keeping things brief I’m sharing 3 simple but highly effective tips that can help keep you strong, fit, and healthy at every stage of life. And the good news is that you can do them every single day in the privacy of your own home. So, here are the tips along...

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Episode #42: Vibrant Health and Healing

Dr. Carl Hudson returns to The FemiNinja Project to share more of her personal insights of self-healing, self-discovery, and life-long learning. She explains how traditional Western medicine saved her life, but alternative medical practices gave her quality of life and set her on a path of alternative health, healing, and self-awareness. Discover how changing our mindset and the way we move can actually change the tissues of our bodies and raise our level of physical, mental, and emotional function. Also, that if we don’t put ourselves first, we have nothing to give to the ones we love and care about. Dr. Carly also talks about overcoming obstacles, self-image, belief systems, and the malleability of the human body, as well as how to unleash your inner brilliance. Download this fascinating...

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Vitality at EVERY Stage of Life

There are many misconceptions regarding getting older, as well as a lot of confusing and misleading information. This includes the belief system that aches and pains, lack of mobility, and various diseases are a part of the “normal” aging process to be both expected and accepted. It’s simply not true. But, when we hear these messages often enough we believe and adopt them. Because what we believe is what we become, even if it goes against our inherent belief system. However, with the right mindset, it is possible to enjoy vibrant health and vitality at every stage of life. A writer friend of mine often refers to what he calls “life’s most brutal truth–we are what we think about. This is never more true than when we face becoming card carrying members of...

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