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Fabulous Fit Tip #4

Welcome back to my simple and practical fabulous fit tips! FIT TIP #4: VISUALIZE SUCCESS Never underestimate the power of visualization. What you can imagine, you can achieve. Using your imagination and practicing visualization actually changes the neural pathways in your brain. Professional athletes and performing artists have used the power of visualization for years to improve their performance on the field and on the stage. It works for them and it will work for you. Visualize yourself doing some activity every day which will help you improve your strength, flexibility, balance, posture, and core strength. Focus on only one thing at a time, and truly engage your mind as you imagine the sensation going through you as you slowly perform the activity. You will be amazed at how much benefit...

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Episode #22: Breathe….Inspiring Insights To Better Health

Breathing and visualization are powerful tools to help relieve stress, anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue, and can even prevent and cure disease. A daily breathing practice can improve your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This episode features renowned wellness educator, professional yoga therapist, reiki master, and breathing coach, Sharon Harvey Alexander. Sharon shares how a daily breathing practice can improve the quality of your life and give you a new sense of health and vitality. She shares how a heartbreaking loss led her to look for comfort in unhealthy ways, but found her way to peace, health, and happiness through yoga, reiki, self-awareness, and breathing. Learn how this practice helped her reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro as a way to celebrate her 50th...

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Vitality at EVERY Stage of Life

There are many misconceptions regarding getting older, as well as a lot of confusing and misleading information. This includes the belief system that aches and pains, lack of mobility, and various diseases are a part of the “normal” aging process to be both expected and accepted. It’s simply not true. But, when we hear these messages often enough we believe and adopt them. Because what we believe is what we become, even if it goes against our inherent belief system. However, with the right mindset, it is possible to enjoy vibrant health and vitality at every stage of life. A writer friend of mine often refers to what he calls “life’s most brutal truth–we are what we think about. This is never more true than when we face becoming card carrying members of...

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