Lessons from The FemiNinja

During my 17 years of training in the Art of the Ninja, there were many principles and philosophies of the art which were applicable to every aspect of my life and every life situation. My training was not only about protecting myself, it was about learning how to have a better life through the insights gleaned through training.

A few weeks ago I had the honor of telling my story to the Pearls of Wisdom Women’s Circle, hosted by my friend and colleague Beth Anderson of Pearl Coaching, LLC. I shared some of my insights with them, and now I am sharing them with you. As I reflect on my experiences, I realize I have so many ninja secrets that I am now collecting them and organizing them to put in a book.

Yes, even while my second book, “The Reluctant Ninja,”is going through the editing process I am already working on my third book. Someone, please save me from myself. But, I have to share. Because I truly believe that everyone can benefit from these these life lessons. After all, not everyone wants to spend 17 years in a smelly dojo the way I did. This is my gift to you. You’re welcome.

Here are just a few:

1). When you don’t know what to do, do what you know. It’s much better than freezing like a deer in the headlights, or standing there with egg on your face. Any reaction is better than no reaction at all.

2). We all have inherent skills and even superpowers. The challenge is to find them and use them for the power of good. Make a point to start exploring and see what they are. You might surprise yourself.

3). You are stronger than you think you are. There is more strength and power in you than you could ever imagine, both physical, mental, and spiritual strength. Sometimes you have to challenge yourself and put yourself way out of your comfort zone to find it. But trust me–it’s well worth the effort.

And remember, “A lion sleeps in the heart of every good person.” ~Turkish proverb

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