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Fabulous Fit Tip #1

Welcome to Cheryl’s fabulous fit tips! One of my goals for this year is to include a series of monthly fit tips to share with you, based on my award-winning and best-selling book, “Forever Fit & Flexible.” My plan was to begin in January, but along the way I saw a shiny object and was off and running in another direction. It happens sometimes. However, now I am back on track, and as I started the series of fit tips, I found a old gem which I wrote 8 years ago regarding my thoughts on mid-March resolutions. Ironically, or shall I say coincidently, the first fit tip is about setting goals. Each consecutive tip builds on the previous one, to help give you the tools to be successful, not only in your Fit & Flexible journey, but in every single aspect of your life. FIT...

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Patience, Perseverance, and Number #1 Best Seller

Patience and perseverance are two valuable principles I learned in my martial arts training. It means that our focus is on the journey, rather than the end result. And it explains why the students that come to our dojo with their primary goal of becoming a black belt are usually gone in just a few months. Because everything takes time and effort. The same applies to every aspect of life. Focus on the journey, put in the time, the effort, and see what unfolds. That’s exactly what happened when I published my first book. I just focused on the journey, even though it was incredibly labor intensive. When I heard that the “real work” in writing a book begins after it’s published, I found it hard to believe. After all, it took me two and a half years to write it. In reality,...

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