An Author’s Life and Receiving Reviews

Nothing puts an author’s teeth on edge quite like waiting for the editorial reviews to start coming in when their book is finally published. These are reviews by unbiased readers giving their honest opinion of the author’s work. I think it’s only fair to share all of my reviews, not just the good ones. So, in the spirit of full transparency, here is the first review the book received last March, just a few weeks after it was released.

Reviewed by A. S. for Readers’ Favorite:

“I struggled to become engrossed in the book all the way through and was frequently met with reader fatigue. I’m going to leave the first few chapters out of this because they are profoundly raw, honest and, even through the pain expressed, they are beautifully written. However, halfway through Stop, Drop and Roll, the writing loses a lot of its initial flourish. When combined with a lengthy narrative that often goes on for several pages, and overly detailed descriptions of martial art maneuvring, it becomes slightly monotonous.

I understand that this is a healing story and that martial arts is the journey. That said, the focus becomes hazy as the paragraphs start to run together. This is an important message and it deserves to be upfront throughout. If this book is written as a cathartic, testimonial for themselves and those they love, I am certain it will be revered and respected by family and friends. If it is meant to reach out to the general public, I hope it receives the strong scrub and polish it deserves to reach that audience in a meaningful way.”

Like I said, it was less than stellar, and received a 3 star review, which is death to the heart and soul of any author. After my initial visceral, kick-in-the-gut reaction, I had a wait-a-minute moment. If that was the reviewer’s honest review, so be it. Negative reviews are part of an author’s life just as much as the positive ones are, and I decided it was important to embrace them all, no matter what. And to share the bad as well as the good. 

Since that review, the book received rave reviews, won 2 awards, and became #1 0n Amazon in three categories, which certainly made up for one bad review. It’s just another day in the life of an author! 

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