What’s Your Superpower?

Did you know that you have a superpower? Trust me, you do–we all do. The key is to figure out what it is, and how to use it and share it with the world, all for the power of good. Using our superpower is easy, but finding it is the hard part. I’ve spent a long time looking for mine, and I learned a few tips and tricks along the way that can help you find yours. And you don’t even have to spend fifty years looking for it the way I did. So here are a few simple steps to finding your own superpower.

First of all, be careful what you tell yourself, because what we believe is what we become. What we tell ourselves, and what we hear from other people, is what we eventually believe, even if it goes against our inherent belief system. There is a physiological reason for this. Our brain is constantly “listening” and taking in all of the information that it hears, even when we’re sleeping. Our brain does not judge whether or not the information is true or false, right or wrong, good or bad. It simply logs the information, much like a computer tracking our search history and frequently used URLs.

When it receives the same messages over and over again, it actually changes the neural pathways in our brain, based on a natural phenomenon called neuroplasticity. And eventually, you become the messages your brain has received. Which is why it is so important to give yourself positive messages, and to avoid any type of negative self-talk, even in jest.

On that note, be careful of the company you keep. Surround yourself with people who are upbeat, and supportive. Avoid those who are negative or denigrate you. Wish them well and then cut them loose. You simply can’t find your superpower when other people are trying to take you down, either literally or figuratively.

Next, learn how to trust yourself. We all have an incredible amount of inherent knowledge, self-understanding, and intuition. Now that you have cut out all of the noise and chaos of negativity in your life, you’ll have a sharper sense of awareness of that inner voice. Listen to it, and follow it’s inherent wisdom.

That brings you to the point where you can find your superpower. Be gentle with yourself, take some time with quiet self-reflection, and in time it will reveal itself to you. However, I’m willing to bet you already know what it is. You just need to give yourself permission to play with it. And share your brilliance and superpower with the world. You might even be surprised that you have more than one. That’s when the real magic begins. And I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Remember, the world needs you and your superpower, no matter what it is.

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