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The Reluctant Ninja and the Big Reveal

For the past five years I have been busy working on my next book, The Reluctant Ninja: How A Middle-Aged Princess Became a Warrior Queen. The book chronicles my journey in the male-dominated, testosterone-infested, strange new world of men and martial arts. It was a wild ride, and the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. But, I certainly did not go willingly. I had to be dragged kicking and screaming, and not in a good way. Marc, my Sensei, was my acupuncturist long before he became my teacher. It took him 3 long years to get me on the mat and train with him. I finally capitulated and agreed to take a few classes just to prove to him how much I was going to hate it. Ten years later I became his first female black belt. In 20 years of teaching, he never had a woman achieve such...

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Episode #34: Discover Your Strength Within

Meet Dr. Ashley Zimmerman, physical therapist in private practice specializing in pelvic floor health and awareness. Discover how (and why) your hip, knee, back, and even neck pain can be related to weakness and dysfunction in your pelvic floor. More importantly, learn what you can do about it. This episode is a must for women, men, and anyone who wants to maximize their health, strength, fitness, and function in every aspect of their life. Website: Your Strength Within https://yourstrengthwithin.com/ Instagram: @ashleydpt https://www.instagram.com/ashleydpt/ Facebook: @ashleyysw https://www.facebook.com/ashleyysw

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