Episode #44: You Are Not Alone

Nikki Brooker is a teacher, educator, mom of three teenagers, and the founder of a non-profit called YANAM2M, which has become her soul endeavor, and an organization she is passionate about. YANAM2M came about in 2016 when, in the span of just three months, two moms living in her community took their own lives along with the lives of their young children.

In the midst of the shock and heartbreak, while the community grieved and asked how this could possibly happen, Nikki took action to find a solution to insure that this would never happen to another mom and another family again.

Download this episode to learn how Nikki created a place where moms could feel safe, accepted, supported and valued. Hear the many success stories and lives that have been changed, family bonds that have been strengthened, and lifelong friendships that have developed as a result of the great work YANAM2M provides. And learn how you can help YANAM2M, or get a similar program started in your own community.

Nikki is an incredible force of nature as well as a woman with the heart, soul, and spirit of the ninja. Please share her story with everyone, and help spread the word and the positive message of community, love, and hope for the future.



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