The “Year of the Horse”

Last week my acupuncturist informed me that 2014 was “The Year of the Horse.” When I asked him what that meant, he explained that it represented a lot of movement. Not just movement, but fast movement, abrupt movement, as well as sudden and unexpected changes in directions.

Well, that certainly explains a lot. I swear I could hear the sound of hooves pounding behind me, getting ready to run me over. As if my acupuncturist could read my mind, he said, “At least you haven’t been caught in a stampede.” Well, not yet, anyway.

But, it did get me thinking. Some of my most profound experiences and powerful lessons came from interactions with horses. But, the truth is, I have very little experience with horses. I have never engaged in horse-related activities, and I have never sought them out. These amazing and beautiful creatures came looking for me instead.

They simply showed up at the exact moment that I needed them. With gracious generosity they gave me their strength, sensitivity and gentleness. They gave me their spirit, and I gave them my heart. After those encounters, I was always able to move forward, with a renewed sense of purpose, focus and direction.

Hmm, perhaps the sound of those hooves pounding behind me isn’t the sound of an impending stampede after all. Maybe it’s the spirit of my gentle giants, looking  after me, and guiding me forward once again. I sure am glad it’s “The Year of the Horse.” Aren’t you?