Feldenkrais(R), Mountain Peace, and human dignity….

When I heard that The Mountain Peace Shelter in Bailey was sponsoring a Shoe Drive, I felt that just cleaning out my closet and donating my unwanted shoes wasn’t enough. After all, not only will the donated shoes support PeaceWorks, Inc. and The Mountain Peace Shelter, the shoes are going to be sent to will help impoverished families in developing nations. How incredible is that? 

So, I am running a special for my June Feldenkrais class, as well as my Delicate Dojo classes. For each pair of shoes that you donate, you will get $1 off of the class fee. If you bring one pair of shoes, you get $1 off; five pair of shoes, $5 off; twenty-five pair of shoes, you get a free class, and I have to rent a U-Haul to deliver the shoes to their destination. It’s what I consider a champagne problem, and one that I look forward to having.

The truth is, it’s a small gesture for a great cause. There is a lot of dignity in a pair of shoes, especially for someone who doesn’t have any. There is also a lot of dignity in being able to work. These families repair the shoes, start-up businesses, and find new ways to be able to provide for themselves and the ones they love. That is the true essence of human dignity.

It brings me back again and again to the spirit of Feldenkrais, and Moshe’s own words. Here is my favorite quote from him: “What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies, but flexible brains. What I’m after is to restore each person to their human dignity.” I’m so glad I discovered Feldenkrais. I’m glad I can support PeaceWorks, Inc. and the Mountain Peace Shelter. But, most of all, I am so grateful that I can play a small part in helping to restore the human dignity to people halfway around the world. And, that gives me peace.