Ballet Master

The house lights grow dim, it’s opening night!
The audience quiets. Enter, stage right.

A spotlight appears, a bright, shining light.
And follows the movement of one special life.

Of a Ballet Master, mentor and friend.
Artist, dancer, elite gentleman.
His ageless elegance, style and grace.
A quiet reflection of a more gracious place.                                                      

Firm and determined, and true to his art.
He follows this truth with a compassionate heart.

These are the rules, there are no exceptions.
There are no excuses in this quest for perfection.                                                             

His students adore him, with respect, love and fear.
And they keep learning with each passing year.

Of all of his students who have gone before,
The last of his students could not love him more.

We continue to work each tendue, releve.
As we remember his clean precise way.
The curtains now close, we walk into the night.
Our lives so much richer. Exit, stage right.

For Mr. Boyette, from a loving and grateful heart.
Cheryl Ilov, March 2005