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Peer Advisory Board Accountability Call

I have been so thrilled to work with Mary Gaul, business coach, founder and owner of Success Magnified.  Not only have I received excellent tips and advice, especially in the launch of my online program, The Vitality Zone, I have met an amazing group of women as well. Along with the many benefits of the Peer Advisory Board is connecting with board members to support each other, help each other, and celebrate wins with an accountability call. I am delighted to collaborate with board member Christine Calandrella, owner of C2 Executive Solutions  to share our ideas, our successes, and our challenges we experienced in our businesses over the past month.

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Episode #26: Courage, Creativity, and Brain Power

In this episode, Mariah Ehlert shares her personal story of how she went from having a lucrative job at Wall Street to being laid off and homeless after purchasing a turn of the century building (a church, no less) and transforming it into a beautiful space called The Sanctuary Studio. This is a woman who knows how to dream, and dream big. She shares her story and her secrets to thriving, even during the tough times. Download this episode to discover how she turned her fear into power, and how she can help you do the same.

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Focus, focus, focus….

Good grief, I’m exhausted. Every free moment of every day over the past several months have been devoted to my martial arts training. That is my focus right now, like a second job, except without a paycheck. I have eliminated everything else in my life except work and training. I have stopped going to ballet class, stopped socializing with friends, and put projects on hold. I’m not even going shopping. I’m trying to focus. I have been organizing notes, reviewing techniques, taking extra classes, and meeting my number one training partner for additional time on the mat. I am memorizing Japanese words and phrases. I am diving into the historical, philosophical and cultural roots of the art I study. I am teaching some classes, helping other students, and collaborating with...

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