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Fit Tip: Less is More & Strong is Sexy

A strong body is a healthy body, and an attractive one as well. There is nothing more appealing than the look of sleek, toned muscles in every stage of life. But even more important than the way a strong body looks is the way it feels. Strength feels healthy, confident, resilient, and youthful. However, we do start losing muscle mass as early as the age of 30, and it is harder to build muscle tissue as we get older. But it is possible. I recently overheard two women over 50 bemoaning the fact that they couldn’t build muscles even though they were faithfully lifting weights at the gym three times a week under the supervision of a young personal trainer who was pushing them to use heavier weights and do more reps. Unfortunately, the only results they experienced were aches, pains, and...

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Episode 7: Strength Is Sexy

Strength is another important aspect and characteristic of the ninja spirit. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Well, duh! Of course you need a lot of strength to take down an attacker, especially if they are bigger than you.” No, not really. It doesn’t take strength to take down an opponent. It takes technique, which explains how I was able to take down guys that were half my age and twice my size. And then go get my nails done. However, I will save that discussion for another day. The truth is that strong is sexy, and we ninjas are all about looking good. Because there is nothing more attractive than sleek, toned muscles in EVERY stage of life. But, as I mentioned in my previous episode, there are a lot of people (like me), who hate the thought of going to the gym....

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