Episode #29: Living Your Dream

Meet Janet Langmeier, a woman who knows how to dream, and dream big! She is an Actualization Mentor, founder of All Out Coaching, and co-founder of the dynamic new networking group Rising Tide. Janet helps people of all ages and walks of life focus on their dreams rather than chasing after goals.

As a teacher, trainer, coach, and mentor Janet has helped hundreds of people successfully transform their lives, including their careers, education, relationships, spirituality, body image, health, and even weight loss. Janet shares some of her philosophy and techniques to help her clients live their avowed dreams. The possibilities are endless!






The Invisible Black Belt

Have you ever done something that was so unexpected or out of character that you surprised everyone who knew you including yourself?

That’s exactly what Cheryl Ilov did when she began studying an ancient Japanese martial art called Ninpo Tai Jutsu, the Art of the Ninja and the tender young age of 47. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to walk into a male-dominated, testosterone-infested dojo and begin training. It also requires an incredible amount of trust. Cheryl had neither.

However, what happened next is truly remarkable as she embarked on a journey of a lifetime, becoming her teacher’s FIRST female black belt ten years later. In the 20 year history of the school, no woman had ever achieved such a high rank.

Hear more about Cheryl’s story and discover why she believes that there is a black belt in each and every one of us, and how YOU can unleash your personal power!