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Equus Session

I am so excited to experience Equus with a certified Equus coach this month. Nancy McKay is a friend and colleague of mine, and the owner of Amazing Outlook Coaching. We are currently exchanging professional services, frequently referred to as a “trade.” I love horses, even though I do not have a great deal of experience working with them, but they have a tendency of making an appearance in my life when I seem to need them. So, I am looking forward to discovering what Equus is all about, and I will be sure to keep you posted!  

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Opportunities to Learn are Everywhere!

One of the greatest rewards of being a Feldenkrais practitioner are the wonderful students you meet along the way. Occasionally, a student becomes a friend and ends up being the teacher. You never know when, or how, it will happen. A few years ago I worked with a psychotherapist who specialized in Equine Therapy. He loved Feldenkrais (of course), and asked me to teach a workshop to a group of therapists at his ranch. It presented a fabulous opportunity for me as well as for the entire Feldenkrais community. You see, as a practitioner, I feel it is my duty to get out reach out to a variety of different populations and “spread the word of ‘Krais,” so to speak. The workshop was a huge success, and when it was over I began packing up my materials so I could leave. Suddenly...

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