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Weekly Functional Fitness Fusion Class

After testing the waters by teaching several in person workshops at Studio 3sixT, I have been invited to teach a weekly class. YAY! This class will be a combination of many movement modalities including Pilates, fit ball, gentle body sculpting, somatic awareness, barre work, therapeutic exercise, and Feldenkrais. The class is 55 minutes long and starts at 1:15. No previous experience is necessary and all levels are welcome. Please bring a yoga mat and a large towel. Have socks on hand, just in case we need to put them on our feet. Please contact me if you have any questions. Click here to register for class

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The Floor is Your Friend…..

Today’s Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (R) lesson was titled “The Floor is Your Friend.” During this lesson, we explored how the floor can be a blueprint for how we stand, sit, move and walk. The floor is a powerful tool to help you identify and release unnecessary muscle tension, refresh your body and your spirit, and discover a new sense of relaxation as you decrease aches and pains. As an added bonus, you can learn how to get down onto the floor and back up from the floor with ease, grace and effortless movement. Getting down and up from the floor is a valuable and functional skill, one that a lot of us lose as we get older. So, get down on the floor, make yourself comfortable, and sense your contact with the floor. You may be amazed at what you discover! Discover...

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