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Fit Tip: Four on the Floor

In my previous post I shared 3 simple fit tips which I believe are crucial to vibrant health, fitness, flexibility, and youthful vitality at every stage of life, but especially for the over fifty population. Or even for the younger populations who would like to prepare ahead. Which I personally think is a great idea. After all, you don’t wait to start saving for retirement until you turn fifty, so why wait to get a jump start on your long term fitness plan as well? Today I’m going to highlight my favorite fit tip, which is to get down on the floor (and back up again) every single day. Every time I share this tip with my clients or followers (after they gasp in horror), the inevitable follow up question is “What do I do when I’m down there?” That’s a great...

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The balance challenge continues….

So, what would happen if you did fall? I remember skiing with my father and my husband about 20 years ago. My father (who was an excellent skier as well as a martial artist) took a very bad tumble.  My husband witnessed the fall, and quickly skied up to him to offer assistance. My Dad was laughing as he got up, and my husband was stunned that he wasn’t hurt. He said, “George, you fell like a 30 year old!”  And he got up again like a 30 year old. At the time, my father was in his early 60’s. My Dad knew how to fall. Most of us do not, which leads us to develop a fear of falling. After all, most of our activities as adults are performed in an upright posture: standing, walking, running, dancing, sitting, etc.  As a result, we lose our connection with the ground, we...

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