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Peer Advisory Board Accountability Call

I have been so thrilled to work with Mary Gaul, business coach, founder and owner of Success Magnified.  Not only have I received excellent tips and advice, especially in the launch of my online program, The Vitality Zone, I have met an amazing group of women as well. Along with the many benefits of the Peer Advisory Board is connecting with board members to support each other, help each other, and celebrate wins with an accountability call. I am delighted to collaborate with board member Christine Calandrella, owner of C2 Executive Solutions  to share our ideas, our successes, and our challenges we experienced in our businesses over the past month.

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Red Booth Writer’s Group

Have you ever sat in a red booth? You know, the old fashioned kind that is the standard in every diner in America? When I was a little girl, it seemed that even the nicer restaurants had red vinyl seats. And you never knew what magic would happen when you slid into one of those seats. It had been many years since I sat in a red booth. But, this past January, I found myself sitting in one with a remarkable woman. She was a writer and an author, like me. And like me, she had experienced her share of health struggles and pain issues. She also had an incredible amount of sass and tenacity. And incomparable stubbornness. I felt like I met my soul sister. It was in that red booth that an idea was born. To create a group of writers who could work together to help promote each other and share our...

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Opportunities Are Everywhere

Opportunities are everywhere. And when opportunity knocks, it’s always a good idea to open the door and look inside. Which is how I became a podcaster. And now a member of The Red Booth Writer’s Group. A few months ago I received an email about a networking group for non-fiction authors to help each other market their books. I snorted. I’ve had years of experience with groups like that. Typically, 1-2 people do all of the hard lifting (including Yours Truly), and everyone reaps the rewards without even a “thank you.” I wasn’t going to fall for that again. As I predicted, the group failed miserably and dissolved after a few months. However, just before it took its last breaths, I received another email from the group’s coordinator asking people to...

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