PSO Mountain

Fitness takes on a whole new look and an entirely new meaning when you take it to the pole. Previously thought of as (snicker, wink, nudge) pole dancing, the pole-loving community has risen to a new level of respect and appreciation as a competitive sport. Yes, it’s a sport. Surprise!

Pole combines the rigors of brute strength and endurance with athleticism, gymnastics, dance, and the finesse of performing under pressure. It is also incredibly empowering for the many women and men who use pole as their primary source of fitness. Which is something I never would have believed, until I began taking pole classes myself.

And I got hooked. Even though I knew I would never perform, get on stage, or otherwise show off my new found skills in any way, shape, or form. Until now.

Pole Sport Organization brings the science, art, and athleticism into competition, and is coming to Denver for the first ever PSO competition. And, yes, I will be competing on Saturday, October 5th under the stage name of FemiNinja. Of course. Part of me is really excited. Another part of me wonders what I was thinking when I registered. And still another part wants to hide under the covers of my bed until October 6th.

On the other hand, I never turn down a challenge. Click here to purchase tickets....everyone is welcome!