Speaker Testimonials

“Cheryl has an elegant way of weaving in her stories and experiences into her topics that educate and leave you feeling inspired. I highly recommend her for your next seminar or workshop.”

–Dr. Lindsay Regehr, DC, Elite Chiropractic & Wellness

“What a TREAT it was to hear Cheryl speak about her life story.  Not only is she a superb speaker, which means a great deal to me as a long time “Toast Master”, her story is compelling and motivating! She is a gem!”

–Leigh Miller, Wellness Educator

“Cheryl effectively shared her story using humor, high energy and examples of choosing how to respond to life’s difficult situations. The audience loved her!”

–Shari Petersen, Professional Speaker

“When listening to Cheryl’s presentation I could feel my adrenaline start to soar, and I left knowing that I will never use an excuse again.”

–Polly Letofsky, CEO My Word Publishing

“Cheryl is a knowledgeable and inspiring speaker. She commands the stage, speaking from the heart with grace, poise, and the passion of a woman who lives what she preaches.”

 –Catherine Spader, RN, Author of “The Wulfhedinn Series”

“Cheryl’s vitality shows in every situation I’ve witnessed her involved in; speaking, writing, teaching, healing, facilitating, etc. Whether assisting someone healing from an injury by teaching them valuable techniques to reduce their pain and increase their stamina, to watching her radiate excitement when she speaks to a large group, Cheryl is a true ninja!!!”

–Roni Lambrecht, Realtor, Author of “Parenting at Your Best”

“Cheryl’s warm and relaxed yet professional presence is just a delight. Cheryl creates an energy in the room that is always so positive and uplifting.”

 –Dayna-Rae Martinez-Melamed, Owner of “Time for You Organizing”

“Cheryl has made my life better! She’s amazing. In very little time, I was able to start living without pain, thanks to Cheryl. Bravo!”

–Stephanie A.