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Speaker Testimonials

  • “Cheryl has an elegant way of weaving in her stories and experiences into her topics that educate and leave you feeling inspired. I highly recommend her for your next seminar or workshop.”
    –Dr. Lindsay Regehr, DC, Elite Chiropractic & Wellness
  • “What a TREAT it was to hear Cheryl speak about her life story.  Not only is she a superb speaker, which means a great deal to me as a long time “Toast Master”, her story is compelling and motivating! She is a gem!”
  • –Leigh Miller, Wellness Educator
  • “Cheryl effectively shared her story using humor, high energy and examples of choosing how to respond to life’s difficult situations. The audience loved her!”
  • –Shari Petersen, Professional Speaker
  • “When listening to Cheryl’s presentation I could feel my adrenaline start to soar, and I left knowing that I will never use an excuse again.”
  • –Polly Letofsky, CEO My Word Publishing
  • “Cheryl is a knowledgeable and inspiring speaker. She commands the stage, speaking from the heart with grace, poise, and the passion of a woman who lives what she preaches.”
  •  –Catherine Spader, RN, Author of “The Wulfhedinn Series”
  • “Cheryl’s vitality shows in every situation I’ve witnessed her involved in; speaking, writing, teaching, healing, facilitating, etc. Whether assisting someone healing from an injury by teaching them valuable techniques to reduce their pain and increase their stamina, to watching her radiate excitement when she speaks to a large group, Cheryl is a true ninja!!!”
  • –Roni Lambrecht, Realtor, Author of “Parenting at Your Best”
  • “Cheryl’s warm and relaxed yet professional presence is just a delight. Cheryl creates an energy in the room that is always so positive and uplifting.”
  •  –Dayna-Rae Martinez-Melamed, Owner of “Time for You Organizing”
  • “Cheryl has made my life better! She’s amazing. In very little time, I was able to start living without pain, thanks to Cheryl. Bravo!”
  • –Stephanie A.