Peer Advisory Board

I am so excited to be a member of a Peer Advisory Board hosted by business coach Mary Gaul of Success Magnified Coaching. Although I am new to the group, I have already learned a lot and made some fabulous connections. Woo-hoo!  

Equus Session

I am so excited to experience Equus with a certified Equus coach this month. Nancy McKay is a friend and colleague of mine, and the owner of Amazing Outlook Coaching. We are currently exchanging professional services, frequently referred to as a "trade." I love horses, even though I do not have a great deal of […]

Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Pearls of Wisdom Women's Circle

I am so honored to be the guest speaker for the Pearls of Wisdom Women's Circle hosted by my friend and colleague, Certified Life Coach Beth Anderson. Below is the description and information regarding my presentation. Unleash Your Inner Warrior Cheryl Ilov is an author, speaker, physical therapist, and second-degree black belt in an elite […]

Peer Advisory Board Accountability Call

I have been so thrilled to work with Mary Gaul, business coach, founder and owner of Success Magnified.  Not only have I received excellent tips and advice, especially in the launch of my online program, The Vitality Zone, I have met an amazing group of women as well. Along with the many benefits of the […]

Photo Shoot with Laura Jaye

It's time to update a few headshots and photos, and I discovered a photographer who truly is an artist, Laura Jaye of Laura Jaye Photography. I am so looking forward to working with her!