Why is Feldenkrais® so effective?

There are many reasons why The Feldenkrais Method® is so effective. However, the most significant reason is because Feldenkrais is a learning experience, not a treatment modality. The focus is on exploring and learning new patterns of movement through your own personal experience of movement lessons.

Feldenkrais allows you to discover for yourself how to move more easily (and even effortlessly) without pain, stress and strain. The emphasis is on learning, but not in a cognitive or scholastic way. The learning that occurs during a Feldenkrais lesson is organic and visceral, and occurs at your own pace and time, while your nervous system integrates the information it receives from each lesson.

In traditional therapies, the emphasis is placed on the practitioner to “correct, fix, or heal” you. But, in Feldenkrais, you are able to participate in the healing process by learning how to fix yourself through healthy movement patterns. Most of the time pain, stress, fatigue and joint dysfunction is a result of faulty movement patterns. Once you interrupt the faulty movement patterns and allow for new patterns to emerge, the problem begins to resolve itself.

After even just a few Feldenkrais lessons, your nervous system becomes more flexible and malleable, which means that other therapies are even more effective and longer lasting. A more flexible nervous system is a more receptive one, and Feldenkrais acts as a type of catalyst to get even greater positive results from any type of treatment, including chiropractic, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and even psychotherapy.

Feldenkrais lights up your nervous system. The benefits are endless, the possibilities are limitless, and the results are amazing!