Taking down walls and creating space….

I have a beautiful office, and I have been there for the past eight years. I love the space, and I love the location. But, for some reason, over the past few months the walls seemed to be closing in on me. I felt distracted, disquieted, and uncomfortable in my own surroundings. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but I knew I wasn’t functioning at my full capacity.  Until last week, when I had an epiphany.

Something (actually someone) hit me right in the face. Figuratively speaking, of course. After all, I am a martial artist, and I certainly know how to evade and deflect an attack. My training automatically kicked in as I silently stepped out of the way and watched the negative energy being unleashed fly past me. Yikes! Good thing I got out of the way.

Finally, I realized what had been bothering me. There was an insidious negative force contaminating my space, and draining my energy. It was time to move. I needed a new space. That symbolic slap in the face was the catalyst I needed to open my eyes and move forward.

Ten minutes later, I was in the building manager’s office negotiating a new contract. Two hours later, I had a new space. Twenty four hours later, maintenance was tearing down the walls to build my new suite.

I’m glad I had that slap in the face, and I am especially grateful that my training kicked in (so to speak) right when I needed it. I did not get sucked into the vortex of anger and rage. Life is simply too short for that, and I’d rather play in the light than work in the darkness.

Anyway, here’s my new office. Isn’t it beautiful? You may see a construction site, but I see a lovely room, full of light, love, space, and opportunities to grow. If you can imagine it, you can create it. I hope I can remember that next time I feel the walls closing in on me!