Celebrating Independence Day….

    The past few days people have asked me how I plan to celebrate Independence Day. I said I was going to ballet class in the morning, and I was going to clean my house in the afternoon. I was asked, “No picnics, cookouts, going to the mountains, or fireworks?”

    No. I didn’t want to celebrate in the traditional way. I prefer to have some quiet time for myself, which happens to include taking a ballet class on the 4th of July when I have a ballet mistress who is willing to teach. I also like to have time to reflect on this date and what it means to me.

    The past few years I developed a fascination for the American Revolution and read many books on the subject. I love history, but not the kind where you memorize names, dates, places, etc. That’s just boring. I like the kind of history where you get to know the people who made it and hear their personal stories. I love to learn how they became involved in the birth of a nation.

    Their stories are amazing and inspiring. I am overwhelmed when I think of what these men and women sacrificed and the risks they took to build this great country. They put their lives on the line so I can have the freedom to go to ballet class, on a picnic, to the mountains, or do anything else that I chose to do. Not just today, but every day of the year. As a first generation American, I sincerely believe that is well worth celebrating. Don’t you?

Be healthy!
Cheryl Ilov, PT, GCFP