The sounds of silence….

    Do you ever feel overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, unable to concentrate, anxious and/or upset for “no apparent reason”? The chances are your brain may just be overstimulated from the never ending onslaught of information it recieves from TV, radio, cell phones, computers, texts, work, traffic, family responsibilites and just plain life in general.

    Give yourself a true rest by turning off all of the electronic devices, and find a quiet place where you can be alone even just for a few minutes. I believe that sitting outdoors is the most restorative. Sit quietly for a few minutes and notice how your sit bones contact your sitting surface. Slowly  move your attention to your breathing….not to change it or “fix” it, or worry about if you are doing it the right way, but just be aware of it’s rhythm, flow and quality. Now begin to layer in the sounds of the outdoors. Do you hear birds singing? Which direction are they coming from? Do you hear the wind in the trees? Are there children playing or dogs barking in the distance? As you slowly play with the quality of the sounds, the directions that the sounds are coming from, slowly shift your attention back to your breathing. Do you feel like your breathing has changed? Perhaps it is slower, deeper, fuller. Do you feel more comfortable on your sitting surface?

    Slowly bring yourself back to coming up to standing. Get ready to continue through the rest of your daily activities, and as you do so, notice how you feel. More relaxed? Thinking more clearly? More capable of solving problems?

   The constant stimulation into our nervous systems puts us into the or “fight or flight” response. This can be incredibly destructive to our physical and emotional well being. Just taking a few minutes each day can give your brain the break it needs to rejuvinate itself. You can try this simple exercise indoors as well. The key is to get comfortable, pay attention to yourself, and really learn to listen to and appreciate the sounds of silence.