Vitality, Energy, and Confidence

Do you think that getting older means losing health and vitality? Think again!

Forever Fit and Flexible

Let Cheryl Ilov inspire and motivate you with her remarkable story of recovery from debilitating injuries and chronic pain syndromes. Discover how she found her own path to health and healing, as well as her secret to youthful vitality, vibrant energy, and unparalleled confidence. An award-winning author, speaker, consultant, and ninja hiding in plain sight, Cheryl energizes her audiences with her engaging, interactive speaking style. She shares her positive message of hope, health, and personal empowerment. Cheryl skillfully adapts every program to her specific audiences.

Audiobook Now Available

Cheryl’s award-winning book, “Forever Fit and Flexible….Feeling Fabulous at Fifty and Beyond,” is now available in audio format. The book is narrated by the author herself, giving the listener

Meet Cheryl

  • After having both knees replaced, recovery was slow and painful. Feldenkrais sessions with Cheryl have turned that tedious recovery around. Some of the numbness around my knees has subsided and I’ve regained some feeling as well as had deep joint pain reduction. Flexibility and overall strength has increased. Two unexpected benefits have been an increased sense of well being as well as a greatly increased mind/body mental connection! Who knew it was lacking??!!!? Thanks Cheryl!!! -Melinda C.
  • Cheryl is a knowledgeable and inspiring speaker. She commands the stage, speaking from the heart with grace, poise, and the passion of a woman who lives what she preaches.
    ~Catherine S., RN
  • Cheryl is incredibly humble, but her work is amazing! I have suffered from hip pain when engaging in physical activity as well as periods of sitting. She not only helped alleviate the pain, she helped me regain flexibility and got me back on my center. I would recommend her very highly for anyone! -Misti M-K.
  • Cheryl has an extensive background in Physical Therapy, Martial Arts, Pilates, and The Feldenkrais Method which makes her a healer like no other! Her gentle, loving approach is just what my body needs to fully recover from a recent car accident. I leave each session with a slight tingling sensation and movement seems much more fluid. I can’t put into words what exactly Cheryl does or how it works, but I trust the process and Cheryl’s expertise. -Shannon G.
  • Cheryl is an inspiration to every single person she meets. Her vitality shows in every situation I’ve witnessed her involved in; speaking, writing, teaching, healing, facilitating, etc. Whether assisting someone healing from an injury by teaching them valuable techniques to reduce their pain and increase their stamina, to watching her radiate excitement when she speaks to a large group, Cheryl is a true ninja!!! She makes everyone around her want to become a better human being.
    ~Roni L., Realtor
  • Cheryl has made my life better! She’s amazing. In very little time, I was able to start living without pain, thanks to Cheryl. Bravo!
    ~Stephanie A., Realtor
  • Feldenkrais is simply magical and Cheryl’s ability to apply Feldenkrais principles to Pilates, Physical Therapy, Dance and Martial Arts make her such a unique and gifted healer. Each session with Cheryl is different based on your specific needs on a given day. She gently guide you so that ultimately you understand your body better and are able to move with greater ease and less pain. Her slow and deliberate approach is applicable to all ages and abilities. Cheryl definitely goes above and beyond and the results are truly amazing. Highly recommend! -Gwendolyn P.
  • As a fellow fitness professional, I have the utmost respect and admiration for Ms. Ilov. She knows her stuff and I highly recommend her book to my over 50 clients, family, and friends.
    ~Chris C., Personal Trainer, Health and Fitness Specialist
  • A physical therapist referred me to Cheryl to continue treatment for shoulder/neck pain…that was over 16+ years ago! I enjoy her Pilates classes immensely! Cheryl’s background in physical therapy, dance, Pilates, Feldenkrais, and martial arts make her very capable of not only understanding movement but helping others achieve their goals! -Sheila S.
  • I’ve done Pilates off and on for over 15 years with Cheryl. I’ve also participated in some of her Feldenkrais sessions and appreciate her background as a physical therapist, dancer, and martial arts practitioner. All of her experiences, training and practice contribute to a truly customized workout/core-strengthening program for each of her clients. Cheryl always has good suggestions to help me get the optimum benefit from a Pilates Reformer, FitBall or foam roller move, adapting to my foot problems or my latest aches and pains. I’m also grateful for her approach to flexibility and movement, helping each of us to see length, strength and improvement in our own muscles, bones, and bodies. -Claudia D.

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