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Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Every year my garden treats us to a plethora of zucchini. As a matter of fact, we have so much zucchini that we have to give it away. Which means […]

Seize The Day

A few days ago I woke up feeling heavy and sluggish. Gingerly I rolled over in bed, got up, and staggered toward the enticing aroma of fresh coffee brewing. Ahhhh, […]

Hallelujah Kale Salad

I have a love-hate relationship with kale. On the one hand, I love the incredible health benefits in this beautifully colorful but pungent vegetable. On the flip side, I don’t […]

A Feldenkrais(R) Valentine

I have always loved Valentine’s Day, mostly because of the pretty decorations, but no Valentine’s Day could possibly compare to my first Feldenkrais Valentine’s Day. I was in the second […]