Month: April 2015

Feldenkrais®: Bats, Butterflies, and the Middle-Aged Pole Dancer

After 6 months of pole dancing, I am now officially a Level 3 Pole dancer. Not bad for a woman who decided to start pole dancing to celebrate her 58th birthday. At the rate I’m going, I may actually hit the professional level by the time I turn 60. There probably isn’t much of a demand for  60-year-old pole dancers, but it’s more about the journey than the end result. Once I graduated from Level 2, I got the OK to start taking Level 3 classes. I was ready to step up to the plate (or the pole) and start the next chapter in my pole dancing pursuit, but I was also really nervous. Especially since Level 3 is all about inversions. You know, where you hang upside down on the pole. I guess that explains my nerves. I walked into my first Level 3 class with a belly full of butterflies,...

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