Month: January 2015

Why is Feldenkrais® so effective?

There are many reasons why The Feldenkrais Method® is so effective. However, the most significant reason is because Feldenkrais is a learning experience, not a treatment modality. The focus is on exploring and learning new patterns of movement through your own personal experience of movement lessons. Feldenkrais allows you to discover for yourself how to move more easily (and even effortlessly) without pain, stress and strain. The emphasis is on learning, but not in a cognitive or scholastic way. The learning that occurs during a Feldenkrais lesson is organic and visceral, and occurs at your own pace and time, while your nervous system integrates the information it receives from each lesson. In traditional therapies, the emphasis is placed on the practitioner to “correct, fix, or heal”...

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Feldenkrais® Your New Year

Here we are, at the beginning of another New Year. Everything is new, fresh, and we get to start with a clean slate. Anything is possible in a New Year, including keeping our New Year’s Resolutions. However, the resolutions which sounded quite reasonable during the festivities and over-indulgences of the holidays are now staring us in the face. The let down after the holidays, the cold weather, demands of work, family, and the reality of time constraints might defeat us before we even get started. Before you feel overwhelmed or out of control, let some of the principles of Feldenkrais help you get started on your New Year’s Resolutions, and help you meet your goals with ease and grace. 1). Organize yourself. Put your goals down in writing to allow your nervous system to begin...

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