Month: December 2014

Feldenkrais® and the Middle-aged Pole dancer….

I celebrated my 58th birthday a few months ago. Since I am now living on the South Side of 50, and the big 6-0 is right around the corner, I decided it was time to start engaging in more age appropriate activities. So, I started pole dancing. When I took my first Level 1 class, my arms were so sore I couldn’t lift them over my head for four days. After the second class, my arms felt stronger, and they only hurt for three days, so I knew I was making progress. Indeed, I was making progress, and after only four classes, I was promoted to the next level. I was now officially a Level 2 pole dancer. Ha! How many middle-aged ladies can put that on their resumé? I was really excited to learn more advanced moves. At least, I was until I experienced my first Level 2 class. Our first exercise...

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Ahhh, the effortless movement of the skeleton….

This beautiful video demonstrates the effortless and elegant movement of the skeleton in motion. moving from our skeleton and finding the connections and relationships through our structure is one of the basic principles of The Feldenkrais Method(R). Feldenkrais….it makes everything easier. You just have to try it to believe it!  

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