Month: October 2014

What is Feldenkrais(R)?

The Feldenkrais Method is a highly sophisticated form of neuromuscular re-education based on the scientific principle of neuroplasticity, which simply means that our nervous system is capable of changing and learning new patterns during the course of our entire lifetime. Feldenkrais’ unique approach to neuroplasticity accesses our nervous system in a very gentle, but powerful way, through movement. We all have habitual patterns of moving, sensing, feeling and thinking that help us move easily through our day. However, some of our patterns may be harmful and destructive, resulting in chronic pain, joint dysfunction, headaches, neck and back pain, anxiety, stress and fatigue. With Feldenkrais lessons, habitual patterns of stress, strain or “holding” are gently interrupted,...

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Feldenkrais Training: Lie down and smell the coffee….

I love coffee. I don’t think I have a true coffee addiction, since I only drink it it the morning. However, I sure do love my coffee. I love the sound of the beans grinding, and I love the smell of it brewing. I love pouring my first cup. And my second. And my third. I love the taste, the smell, the heat, and even the feel of my coffee mug in my hands. Face it, I love my coffee. But, during my second week of Feldenkrais Training, I decided to give up coffee. Like I said, I don’t have an addiction to coffee, and for some strange reason I started trying new things once I began my training. The day I gave up coffee was grey, cold, and snowing. Coffee would sure warm me up on such a cold morning, but I was full of determination instead of coffee. I had a cup of green tea instead,...

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