Month: August 2014

The best of times and the worst of times….

Family vacations. You got to love them. They truly are the best of times and the worst of times. My husband and I went on a family vacation last week with my sister and her family. We rented a beach house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, just like we did last year. We had such a great vacation experience last time, we spent the entire year looking forward to going back. To make our vacation even more special, my sister and her fiance were going to get married on the beach in a small, private ceremony. The first three days were great, even though it rained. Not the cleansing, refreshing kind of rain, but torrential, unrelenting sheets of rain. That was okay, because we were together, enjoying each others’ company. When we weren’t getting on each others’ nerves, that...

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Feldenkrais and Grati-Shoes….

Two weeks ago I delivered my last donation of shoes for The Mountain Peace Shoe Drive. After two months of collecting shoes and offering discounts to my students for donating shoes, the final tally was 302 pairs of shoes! Mountain Peace is a domestic violence shelter and counseling center in Bailey, Colorado. Once the shoes were collected, they were to be sent to third world countries to help families get out of poverty and start their own businesses. Wow. Wanting to contribute as much as I possibly could, and in an effort to spread the word, I offered $1 off the cost of my Feldenkrais classes for each pair of shoes a student donated. I expected a fairly good response, but nothing like the one I got. Everyone dug deep into their closets, and I gave a lot of deep discounts for Feldenkrais...

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