Month: June 2014

Feldenkrais Lesson: Rolling the Head

Yesterday’s Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement(R) lesson was titled “Hand Rolling the Head.” Actually, it would be more appropriate to say “Hand Rolling Your Head.” Rolling the head implies a sense of detachment or lack of ownership to the marvelous structure which sits on top of your spine and protects the most intricate personal computer you will ever own….your brain. Besides, the term “the head” implies a creepy image of a head rolling around on it’s own. That’s not a picture that supports a healthy self image, and it’s also a bit jarring to the nervous system. Ooops, I mean, your nervous system. Language does have a powerful impact on how we see ourselves. If we are impersonal in our approach to a lesson, we might...

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A very moving day….

After being in the same office for eight years, I moved into a new space last Friday. In five short action-packed weeks, I found a new suite, negotiated a contract, designed the space, and supervised the construction. It was moving day, and I found myself overwhelmed by a myriad of mixed emotions. I was cool and detached as I packed my things before the movers got there. But, when I collected my assortment of butterfly pictures, I was surprised by the emotional tidal wave that threatened to sweep me away. The events of the past five weeks, and the memories of the past eight years caught up with me all at the same moment. Looking back, there was a lot of fun, joy, love, laughter and learning over those eight years. There was also a lot of pain, heartache and disappointment as well.    I gathered...

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