Month: August 2013

The Feldenkrais Method(R) and the power of “no”….

I learned a lot during the four years of my Feldenkrais Training. However, the most valuable thing I learned was from one of my favorite teachers when he veered off course during a group discussion. He did that a lot. He told us a story about an incident that happened when he was a guest teacher at another training program. I love stories, so I settled on my mat in that semi comatose Felden-fog that I would get during training segments. He told us that after the first few days of teaching he was aware of some grumbling and the undercurrents of a rebellion brewing. He gathered the class together for a ‘family talk” and to give everyone a change to express their concerns. He went around the circle and listened to their complaints, most of them which were directed at him personally. My...

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Child’s play….

I went on vacation last week. I know, this doesn’t sound like earth shattering news or a life altering event, but it was for me. I haven’t had a vacation in six years. The reasons aren’t important. Let’s just say that personal responsibilities were a priority. During that time I had to leave my practice for weeks on end. Afterward, all my time, energy and effort was directed into rebuilding my practice. If you’re self employed, you know what I mean. Vacations were a distant memory, and I wondered if I would ever see a beach again. Then my youngest sister invited us to go on vacation with her and her family. I hesitated, but she said, “Aww, come on! You really need it.” It sounded like a good idea, but I worried about being away from work for that...

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A moose on the loose….

    I heard a frightening story a few days ago about a local woman hiking in the mountains with her dogs. They rounded a corner and surprised a moose with two calves. The moose charged, head-butted the hiker, knocked her to the ground and stomped her. Yikes! The woman is okay and the dogs are fine. There’s no further update of the moose, but I’m sure she’s forgotten all about it by now.     Two years ago my husband and I tried to hike that exact same trail. It was early in the season, and the place was abandoned. My husband was excited because there wasn’t another soul in sight. I was nervous for the exact same reason. There might not be any other people in the area, but I couldn’t say the same about the wildlife. Especially the bears.     I allowed my husband...

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