Month: February 2013

Everything in moderation…..

    We all know that sitting and standing for prolonged periods of time is not good for our health. For my clients who have a desk job, I encourage them not to sit still; fidgeting and squirming is good for us. You know, the kind of behaviour that used to get us in trouble when we were kids. I also suggest that they sit on an exercise ball intermittently during they, as well as get up and move as often as possible. For my clients that have a job which requires prolonged standing, I have several tricks to relieve stress on their back, legs, hips and feet.    It’s important to keep moving during the day, including at work. But I was amused to learn that some businesses are introducing office furniture that allow employees to enjoy a new concept called “active work stations.”  These...

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More hearts and flowers on Valentine’s Day.

    Once again, it’s Valentine’s Day. I love Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t take much to make me happy, and just knowing that I am appreciated is good enough for me. But, for some people, Valentine’s Day is even more stressful than Christmas. Expectations are high and the pressure is on.     I have a friend who has been known to give her husband the cold shoulder for weeks if he doesn’t come through with just the perfect gift for her on Valentine’s Day. The problem is, she never gives him any hints of what she might want, and every year he disappoints her. You’d think one of them would figure it out by now.     My single friends either ignore the holiday or try to live vicariously through those of us who are happily married. Even my married friends...

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