Month: January 2013

From low back pain to no back pain….

It amazes me how many people suffer from low back pain when they simply do not have to. By using a combination of gentle therapeutic exercise, core strengthening, postural awareness and movement exploration you can transition from low back pain to no back pain. It’s actually easier than you may think. First, let’s address sitting. Most of us sit for long periods at a time, and I have never met a chair that is comfortable and provides proper support for anyone, let alone everyone. And don’t even get me started on airplane seats. You can’t change the chair, but you can make a few easy adjustments to support yourself and reduce unnecessary strain on your back by following these easy steps: 1). Make sure your spine is properly supported by using a small towel roll behind...

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Sisters, cereal and B-B-BATS…..

    When I was a little girl, my mother used to take us grocery shopping with her. I had two older sisters, and my Mom was smart enough not to take all of us with her at the same time. She had us on a rotating schedule, which meant that each child had her turn to accompany her to the A&P while the other two stayed home.     The child of the week had the honor of selecting the cereal and a bag of candy for the week. We didn’t often get candy, but my mother would always have a small bag on hand tucked up in the highest kitchen cabinet that we couldn’t possibly reach even if the three of us collaborated all of our efforts.     The cereal of the week was no problem. The sister on deck would usually select a variety pack, so everyone was happy, more or less. But the candy was...

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