Month: November 2012

Acorns, autumn leaves and woolly catepillars….

    I absolutely love autumn. I love everything about it, and I especially love autumn in Western Pennsylvania where I grew up. Over the years, I had promised myself that someday I would go back during this special time. Two years ago, I did just that. I went home for a ten day visit. The weather was beautiful, and the colors were glorious!     I spent every morning and afternoon with my parents. But, when it got close to three o’clock I would speed dial my sister. “Hey, can I pick up the kids from school today? Can I take them to the park to play?” After all, I needed to get outside, and I didn’t know anyone else who was available at three in the afternoon. I also didn’t know anyone else who had the energy to keep up with me.     I would race to the school...

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