Month: February 2011

Core strength…..

We have all heard of the term “core strength”. But what exactly does it mean? Basically, having a strong core means developing the abdominal muscles that support our low back. A strong core helps to stabilize our spine and pelvis, decreases low back pain, protects our low back from injury, flattens our stomach and trims our waistline. In Pilates, we often refer to our strong core (or center) as our “girdle of strength”. So, how can we develop this girdle of strength? Let’s begin with a simple (but not necessarily easy) exercise to activate the lower abdominals. Sit on the edge of a firm chair with your feet on the floor. Bring your attention to your lower belly. Notice how the belly pouches out a bit as you inhale, and comes in slightly as you exhale. Breathe...

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Play at work.

Last week I offered some suggestions on how to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine at home. Just a few minutes of exercise each and every day can have a huge positive impact on your overall strength, flexibility, health and well-being. However, incorporating more physical activity at work may be a bit more challenging depending on your work environment and job-related activities. And, unlike your home environment, you may not be the person in charge. So, what can you do? If you have a sedentary job, try doing isometric exercises while sitting at your desk. Abdominal contractions, gluts, quads and hamstring sets as well as ankle pumps can be very effective and easily done in a chair. Speaking of chairs, really slow down when you get up and down from your chair. Feel your weight...

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